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EU PolicyWatch

Database of national-level policy measures

Eurofound's EU PolicyWatch collates information on the responses of government and social partners to the COVID-19 crisis, the war in Ukraine, rising inflation, as well as gathering examples of company practices aimed at mitigating the social and economic impacts.


The EU PolicyWatch database currently contains 2,621 measures introduced by governments and social partners to cushion the social and economic effects on businesses, workers and citizens. The data collection started in 2020 and was last updated in March 2024. More information is available on the Eurofound website:

Use the side navigation to find measures by country, type of measure, category, or target group. Use the dashboard to search and filter policy measures on the following topics by more than 15 attributes:

  • COVID-19: 1706 policy measures
  • War in Ukraine: 510 policy measures
  • Green Transition: 289 policy measures
  • Digital Transformation: 98 policy measures
  • Restructuring Support Instruments: 314 policy measures
  • European Semester: 83 policy measures
  • Extreme Weather Events: 42 policy measures
  • Cost of Living Crisis: 188 policy measures


Target groups

The database indicates for each measure to which target groups it applies, broadly differentiating between workers, businesses and citizens.

The database contains 42 specific target groups, including for example:

Recently updated measures

Nearly 50,000 home energy upgrades supported by Government grants in 2023

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) was established as Ireland's national sustainable energy authority. It is a state organisation and it works with households, businesses, communities ...

Ireland | 28 March 2024

Changing devices for businesses

The Ministry of Environment and Energy launched the program 'Changing Devices for Businesses' on 22 February 2024. The programme includes support for businesses to install energy-efficient equipment. ...

Greece | 28 March 2024

Investment subsidy for renewable energy and energy saving (ISDE)

The Investment subsidy for renewable energy and energy saving (ISDE) is for homeowners, to get part of their investments reimbursed if they invest in insulation, a (hybrid) heat pump, solar boiler, el...

Netherlands | 28 March 2024

Involvement of social partners in legislation

Eurofound identified 1744 pieces of legislation and other statutory regulations, 1017 of which were entirely new. This section gives an overview of social partner' involvement in designing and implementing these measures.

Role of employers' organisations in designing the measure

  • In 775 measures, employers' organisations were involved:
  • In 428 measures, there was no involvement;
  • For the 541 remaining measures the involvement is unknown, or they were considered as being out of the social partner's domain.

Role of trade unions in designing the measure

  • In 713 measures, trade unions were involved:
  • In 470 measures, there was no involvement;
  • For the 561 remaining measures the involvement is unknown, or they were considered as being out of the social partner's domain.

Implementation, monitoring and assessment phase

  • In 302 measures, social partners were involved:
  • In the remaining 1442 measures, there was no involvement or the involvement is unknown.
    • Home Renovation Bonus

      The 'Bonus Casa', also known as the 'home renovation bonus', is an Italian fiscal incentive aimed at promoting the renovation of residential properties. Initially introduced by the decree law no. 83/2...

      Italy | 04 March 2024


      The Ecobonus was introduced by decree law no. 63 on 4 June 2013 and detailed specifically in Article 14 of the same decree, subsequently amended by the Budget Law 2021 (Law 30 December 2020, no. 178)....

      Italy | 04 March 2024

      Educational boost with 110% of the unemployment benefit rate

      The right to a vocational educational boost within areas with labour market shortages whilst receiving unemployment benefits at a rate of 110% is a measure targeted at unemployment benefit recipients ...

      Denmark | 03 March 2024

Collective agreements

The EU PolicyWatch database contains 146 collective agreements. Most of them were identified in France and the most commonly found provisions relate to employment retention, income protection, and health and safety.


32 agreements additionally contain other provisions not mentioned above.

Social partner initiatives

The EU PolicyWatch database contains 95 social partner initiatives. Most of them were identified in Austria and belong to the category Protection of workers, adaptation of workplace.

Main themes

Company practices

The EU PolicyWatch database contains 156 company practices. Most of them were identified in Bulgaria and the most commonly found provisions relate to health and safety, work organisation, and telework.


45 company practices additionally contain other provisions not mentioned above.

    • Wielkopolska province has joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance

      Wielkopolska province has joined the PPCA - Powering Past Coal Alliance, the world's first international initiative to protect the climate and accelerate economic development through a rapid transitio...

      Poland | 01 March 2024

      Prices of selected food items to be reduced by 15%

      Despite Government measures to subsidise the cost of fuels, electricity, grains and animal feeds, the price of foods in Malta continued to rise throughout 2023. Factors such as Malta's limited domesti...

      Malta | 08 February 2024

      Kaufland is introducing a new reusable packaging system

      The supermarket chain Kaufland was the first retailer in Croatia to stop the sale of lightweight plastic bags. The new rule has taken effect from 1 January 2020. Aiming to reduce plastic in the enviro...

      Croatia | 12 April 2023

Due to the revision process, some cases might temporarily be unavailable.

Information on topical updates

The database is updated regularly throughout the year with input from the Network of Eurofound Correspondents. This document provides information on the topical updates of the EU PolicyWatch database.

Eurofound publications based on EU PolicyWatch

30 January 2023


Measures to lessen the impact of the inflation and energy crisis on citizens

Governments across the EU continue to implement policies to support citizens and businesses in the face of rising food and energy prices caused by the COVID-19 crisis and intensified by the war in Ukraine. This article summarises the policy responses as reported in Eurofound's EU PolicyWatch database from January to September 2022.


12 September 2022


First responses to cushion the impact of inflation on citizens

Although the worldwide pandemic situation had already disrupted supply chains and triggered increases in energy and food prices in 2021, the situation deteriorated in 2022 with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


12 September 2022


Policies to support EU companies affected by the war in Ukraine

This article summarises the first policy responses that governments across the EU have started to implement to support companies affected by the rising prices, and those with commercial ties to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus.


5 July 2022


Policies to support refugees from Ukraine

This article summarises the first policy responses of EU Member States, including those of the social partners and other civil society actors, enabling refugees to exercise their rights under the Temporary Protection Directive.


Disclaimer: This information has not been subject to the full Eurofound evaluation, editorial and publication process.