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Factsheet for case PT-2020-11/320 – measures in Portugal

Exceptional regime suspending overtime limits

Regime excecional suspendendo os limites do trabalho extraordinário

Country Portugal , applies nationwide
Time period Open ended, started on 14 March 2020
Type Legislations or other statutory regulations
Category Ensuring business continuity and support for essential services
– Change of work arrangements (working time, rota schemes)
Author Heloisa Perista and Maria da Paz Campos Lima (CESIS) and Eurofound
Case created 06 April 2020 (updated 31 May 2021)

Background information

The Decree Law No. 10-A/2020 of 13 March, setting the first exceptional and temporary measures concerning COVID-19 pandemic, established in article 6, paragraph 1, an exceptional regime suspending overtime limits - defined by paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 120 of the General Law of Labor in Public Functions (approved in annex to Law No. 35/2014), in its current wording, as well as the limits provided for in the paragraphs 1 to 3 of article 228 of Labour Code (Law no. 7/2009), in its current wording.

Content of measure

This measure applies to all bodies, agencies and other entities of Ministry of Health, of security services, of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, of the Hospital of Armed Forces (HFAR), of the Military Chemical and Pharmaceutical Laboratory (LMPQF), of the Institute of Social Action of the Armed Forces, I. P. (IASFA, I. P.), of the Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRSP) and the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, I. P.(INMLCF, I. P.).

Use of measure

Not evaluated yet

Target groups

Workers Businesses Citizens
Other groups of workers
Workers in essential services
Does not apply to businesses Does not apply to citizens

Actors and funding

Actors Funding
National government
Local / regional government
Public support service providers
No special funding required

Social partners

Social partners' role in designing the measure and form of involvement:

Trade unions Employers' organisations
Role Informed Informed
Form Not applicable Not applicable

Social partners' role in the implementation, monitoring and assessment phase:

  • Unknown
  • Main level of involvement: Peak or cross-sectoral level



Views and reactions

Employer and trade union confederations were informed at the tripartite Standing Committee for Social Concertation.

Sectors and occupations

    • Economic area Sector (NACE level 2)
      O - Public Administration And Defence; Compulsory Social Security O84 Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
      Q - Human Health And Social Work Activities Q86 Human health activities

This case is not occupation-specific.


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Eurofound (2020), Exceptional regime suspending overtime limits , case PT-2020-11/320 (measures in Portugal), COVID-19 EU PolicyWatch, Dublin,

Disclaimer: This information has not been subject to the full Eurofound evaluation, editorial and publication process. All information is preliminary and subject to change.