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Factsheet for case NL-2021-12/1910 Updated – measures in Netherlands

NL Keeps Learning: subsidy for EVC procedures (NLLD – SMR)

NL leert door met inzet van sectoraal maatwerk (NLLD – SMR)

Country Netherlands , applies nationwide
Time period Temporary, 15 March 2021 – 15 March 2022
Type Other initiatives or policies
Category Promoting the economic, labour market and social recovery
– Active labour market policies, incl. subsidised job creation
Author Amber van der Graaf (Panteia) and Eurofound
Case created 01 June 2021 (updated 09 August 2021)

Background information

The NLLD – SMR scheme is a temporary subsidy scheme of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and is part of an accompanying temporary crisis package for which another €70 million has been made available.

This crisis package consists of development advice, guidance towards work, training and the provision of EVC procedures and is supported by a campaign in collaboration with stakeholders. This is done to bring the package to the attention of workers, self-employed entrepreneurs and job seekers.

Content of measure

With this temporary arrangement, partnerships of sectors, employers' associations, employee associations, R&D funds and other stakeholders can offer development advice, guidance to work, training and EVC procedures free of charge to participants who have a connection with the Dutch labor market and apply for a subsidy for this. An activity or a combination of these activities can be offered in a trajectory. The purpose of offering these programs free of charge is to facilitate and stimulate the retention of work or transition to other work for participants.

The eligible activities are:

A. Giving development advice to a working person:

each development consulting activity has a value of at least €700

B. Providing guidance to other work for a worker:

category I supervision: €500 per supervision activity; category II supervision: €1,000 per supervision activity.

C. Training a working person:

category C 1 training: €75 per training; category C 2 training: €150 per training; category C 3 training: €500 per training; category C 4 training: €1,250 per training.

D. Taking care of an EVC procedure for a working person:

€1,250 per EVC trajectory.


The following updates to this measure have been made after it came into effect.

05 August 2021

The application period for this subsidy was from 15 March 2021 to 26 April 2021. The arrangement expires on 15 March 2022.

07 July 2021

Follow-up of The Netherlands keeps learning .

Use of measure

No information available yet.

Target groups

Workers Businesses Citizens
Applies to all workers Applies to all businesses Applies to all citizens

Actors and funding

Actors Funding
National government
National funds

Social partners

Social partners' role in designing the measure and form of involvement:

Trade unions Employers' organisations
Role Consulted Consulted
Form Consultation through tripartite or bipartite social dialogue bodies Consultation through tripartite or bipartite social dialogue bodies

Social partners' role in the implementation, monitoring and assessment phase:

  • Social partners jointly
  • Main level of involvement: Peak or cross-sectoral level


In the months before the launch of the measure, the social partners worked in close coordination with the Ministry on the design of this temporary scheme. Due to its short-term practicality, the scheme is linked with other parts of the subsidy scheme NL Keeps Learning.

Views and reactions

Supportive, as they were involved in the design of the measure.



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Disclaimer: This information has not been subject to the full Eurofound evaluation, editorial and publication process. All information is preliminary and subject to change.