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Factsheet for case EU-2021-25/2006 – measures in European Union

ELA campaign: to create safe working conditions for seasonal workers

Country European Union , applies eu-wide (or beyond)
Time period Open ended, started on 15 June 2021
Type Other initiatives or policies
Category Protection of workers, adaptation of workplace
– Occupational health and safety
Author Eurofound
Case created 10 September 2021 (updated 28 September 2021)

Background information

On 15 June 2021, the European Labour Authority (ELA) launched an information campaign "Rights for all seasons", addressed to seasonal workers employed abroad. Due to the temporary nature of their work, they are more exposed to precarious living and working conditions. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the conditions of seasonal workers and exposed them to increased health risks.

The campaign is conducted in cooperation with the European Commission, the EURES network, the European Platform for Undeclared Work, EU countries and social partners.

Content of measure

The ELA strategy aims to ensure that seasonal workers are adequately informed about their rights and obligations and the enforcement of EU and national laws, and to facilitate cooperation and exchange of practices between EU Member States and social partners what is especially important in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign, targeting in particular seasonal workers in the agricultural sector and, to a more limited extent, cross-border workers in the food processing sector, has 3 main objectives:

  • Increasing employees' awareness of their rights and obligations and the advisory and consulting services available.
  • Supporting employers in fulfilling their obligations under national and EU law and sensitizing them to the benefits of complying with them.
  • Facilitating coordinated information initiatives between (home and labor clusters, administration and social partners.

Building on initiatives already introduced in various national contexts, the ELA campaign will support awareness-raising among cross-border seasonal workers and employers in the agri-food sector and will coordinate and support agreed and joint inspections of seasonal work.

Use of measure

The estimated number of seasonal workers in the EU is up to 850,000.

Target groups

Workers Businesses Citizens
Cross-border commuters
Sector specific set of companies
Does not apply to citizens

Actors and funding

Actors Funding
National government
Trade unions
Employers' organisations
EU (Council, EC, EP)
European Funds
National funds

Social partners

Social partners' role in designing the measure and form of involvement:

Trade unions Employers' organisations
Role Consulted Consulted
Form Consultation through tripartite or bipartite social dialogue bodies Consultation through tripartite or bipartite social dialogue bodies

Social partners' role in the implementation, monitoring and assessment phase:

  • Social partners jointly
  • Main level of involvement: EU level


Social partners were involved through their participation in the ELA Management Board and ELA Stakeholders Group.

Views and reactions

The views of social partners are supportive since they participated in designing this measure.

Sectors and occupations

    • Economic area Sector (NACE level 2)
      A - Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing A1 Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
      C - Manufacturing C10 Manufacture of food products

This case is not occupation-specific.



Eurofound (2021), ELA campaign: to create safe working conditions for seasonal workers, case EU-2021-25/2006 (measures in European Union), COVID-19 EU PolicyWatch, Dublin,

Disclaimer: This information has not been subject to the full Eurofound evaluation, editorial and publication process. All information is preliminary and subject to change.